Pasargad Company

Production is the beginning of a commitment

About us

Pasargad Company has always stepped to produce quality parts with 20 years of experience in the production of all kinds of metal and rubber parts. The company has proven the quality of its work over the years with its experienced staff and professionals and has been successful in proving the quality of its products to consumers. The main purpose of Pasargad and staff in this complex is to enhance the quality of the products and satisfy consumer satisfaction, and in the quality of the products, we welcome any of your constructive suggestions and are ready to collaborate with various organs and companies.

Features of Pasargad Company

The Pasargad Industrial and Industrial Group has made a lot of progress, relying on its long -term experience and young force as well as the use of modern technologies. The company has improved quality in its products. There are also features that distinguish Pasargad from other similar companies.


The products of Pasargad company are based on modern knowledge and technology. These products are packaged with the lion symbol and offered to dear customers and consumers.

Attending exhibitions

Pasargad Company, every year at international exhibitions of automotive parts, supplies and collections, is proud to host respectable customers and customers in order to better sell and better introduce its products.

Quality Products

Pasargad products are of good quality for consumers. The reason for this is the special attention of the company's executives and employees to supply quality products.

Product packaging

Covering products with proper packaging and protecting the parts inside the packaging is another feature of Pasargad. Consumers of this company recognize the products of the company with the milk symbol. There is a milk symbol in the packaging of all the products of the company.


Contact us

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