About us

Pasargad company, with 20 years of experience in the field of producing all kinds of metal and rubber car parts, has always stepped in the direction of producing quality parts. This company has proved the quality of its work by having experienced and professional personnel and experts in these years and has been successful in proving the quality of its products to consumers. The main goal of Pasargad company and the employees of this group is to raise the quality level of the products and satisfy the consumers, and in the field of product quality, we welcome any suggestions and constructive criticism from you, and we are ready for any kind of cooperation with different organizations and companies.

Ethical publication

Pasargad company is based on the trust of the public, customers, shareholders and employees. This widespread trust is due to the transparency, honesty and clear performance of the managers and employees of this company, who always adhere to it. Satisfying and protecting the interests of customers is always very important for Pasargad company.